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I want to tell you about a proudly South African initiative that is taking the world by storm (according to me, of course).  It is called Superbru and it is a sport prediction game “made by fans for fans” on

The most major sport games that South Africans support feature on this website, including rugby, cricket, Formula1, MotoGP, soccer and some more.  This year a major change took place when Superbru and SportGuru united, causing europian and american games to get added to the mix.  I believe that Superbru will continue to grow and will eventually include almost all major tournaments across all the continents.

It works like this:

  • When a tournament starts, you get to join up to 7 pools.  You can even create your own pool.
  • You then need to make picks, like for example South Africa will beat New Zealand by 14 points (at this stage that is wishful thinking!)  The picks need to be done before that specific game starts.  You also cannot see other people’s picks before your own is not submitted.
  • When the game is complete, the results are loaded onto the website, and then the website calculates everybody’s scores and draws up leader lists.  You get extra points if you are close to the winning margin and also if you made the best pick in your pool.
  • It is really fun to participate and totally free. I will definitely recommend it to anyone

Go have a look:


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