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Great memories

I recently started wondering about priorities in life. Is it so important to have lots of money and investing in things that will eventually give you more money or spending your money on senseless things like addictions?

What if we could make a video of our lives and take some time to watch it? Do you want to look at a stern business person with no happy memories except that once-in-a-while big break or deal? Do you want to look at a person who sits around waiting for something to happen – maybe waiting and wishing their life away? Do you want to look back at your life and see lots of happy moments with friends and family? Do you want to look back at someone who changed the obvious course and did something to make a difference? Do you want to be that someone who at the end of their lives are happy with what he or she did in life and who has great stories to tell?

I want to look at someone who enjoyed life, who grabbed every opportunity to appreciate the little things in life, who praised God wholeheartedly, who travelled the world even though I was a little bit broke, who made plans with friends, who regularly visited family..

Inspired by what a recent Oscar winner said, I’d like my future self to be my role model.

Here’s to great memories and enjoying life to the fullest!


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2 responses to “Great memories

  1. Karissa ⋅

    This is so me right now! Cannot afford to travel as we are building our first home but still busy away planning a trip to Dubai! I don’t think I’ll ever lose the travel bug unfortunately

    • Haha me neither! But I believe that is a good thing. We should never lose our curiosity and sense for adventure 🙂
      Enjoy building your new home! That is also a whole adventure on its own 🙂

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