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Hello again

I suck at this blogging thing..

And that’s putting it mildly.  There isn’t a word in the English language to describe how bad I am at this.  I’m almost sure my first post was more than two years ago (I’m too scared to go look – maybe I’ll be right! – haha) and I’ve only made 20 posts..


Well, I am going to try to put in a decent effort.  The problem is that I just need something to inspire me.. Any suggestions?


Currently, my site has got a few categories to choose from – all of them full of emptiness of course. I thought that these might inspire me.  Writing about books that I’ve recently read or recipes that I’ve tried out or anything random, might be worth a shot.  The problem is that I’m not jumping up and down with excitement about the prospect yet..


The only two things that currently snatches my attention, is traveling and planning my wedding.. Well, let’s give it a go.  Maybe it’ll work out better this time.


Hope to be posting a lot of things soon 😉


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Wife, Daughter of God, Traveller, Bookworm, Organ Donor

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