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Wanderlust – Russia: Day 1 of 10

A dream came true for me today. I saw snow for the first time in my life!!

My husband and I decided to have our very first white Christmas this year. This is quite significant since South Africa rarely gets snow and only in certain parts of the country. And so it happened that we packed our bags for Russia.

I could not find any direct flights between Johannesburg and Moscow. So we had to travel via Amsterdam. We flew with KLM and it was an absolute pleasure. It seems that the Dutch are obsessed with their white and blue pottery artwork – I forgot what is called (anyone is welcome to please help me out of my oblivion). Edit: it is called Delftware or Delft pottery 🙂

I was quite stressed about the transfer at Schiphol International Airport since we only had a little over 1 hour. I am now glad to say that it was not necessary to stress. There was ample time – we went through a book store, souvenir store and still had time to brush teeth and freshen up before boarding the second flight.

And then we finally came to Moscow.. What a sight!! I am still overwhelmed with how beautiful the snow is! I cannot wait for tomorrow since I only saw it in the night (it was already dark when we landed at 17:00).

Well, sweet dreams! And look out for day 2 of our Russian adventure.


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