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Wanderlust – Russia: Day 2 of 10

I woke up this morning with a headache. Turns out that the artificial heat in all the buildings is not welcomed by my body. It’s a bit of a sticky situation since I get to choose between artificial heat and extreme cold – there is no middleway. I think I’m going to turn down the aircon tonight and in exchange for that we get to snuggle with the duvet..

Anyway, back to the adventure.

I was not disappointed this morning when the sun finally appeared. The snow is beautiful!

We went to the Cosmonautic Museum today. To get there we had to take the hotel provided shuttle to the nearby airport and then figure out where to find the bus that supposedly goes to our closest Metro station (Rechnoy Vokzal). We eventually found a kind lady in the airport that understood every tenth word that we said. (It’s amazing how little English is understood and spoken in this world city even though we hear just English music everywhere). She helped us by giving us a printed metro map in Russian. She gestured how to get to the bus and then she spent a while to let me practice how to say Rechnoy Vokzal. She really helped us a lot!

We then found the bus, took the train and after jumping over to another train, we finally arrived at the station closest to the space museum (VDNKh). The few metro stations that we saw along the way looked very beautiful – they are works of art!

Above the museum is quite a spectacular monument with a rocket at the top. What a sight!!

(spot my husband at the very bottom of that monument – haha)

The museum provided an overview of the race to space. It was fun to walk through it. South Africa is even represented by Mark Shuttleworth! You have to pay extra take in a camera and also to get an audio guide (I personally don’t think the guide is worth it since most ot the exhibitions have English summaries).

And isn’t this traditional Russian doll in the astronaut suit cute?

Afterwards we walked around in the area. We found a very nice park. It is called the All-Russian Exhibition Centre (VVTs).

Other buildings in the area also provided interesting statues:

Tomorrow we’ll be moving to an hotel closer to the city center. I cannot wait!


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