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Wanderlust – Russia: Day 3 of 10

I’d like to mention 2 essential apps for a trip to Russia:

  1. Google Translate – this app is awesome to put it mildly. You don’t need an active network connection to use it. Just make sure to download the required languages beforehand (in this case English and Russian). You are then able to type in words and sentences and get it translated instantly. Another feature is that you can take photos of signs or labels and highlight the parts that you want translated – this is very useful especially in a place like Moscow where only a handful of people understand English. Just a word of caution: it seems like the Russian people do not understand the Russian translation that the app gives when we showed it to them. But the app does give similar words in “English” alphabet and if you try to read words from that, they understand. 
  2. Uber – this app is very useful. We used it today. We selected the location where we wanted to go and then the app assigned a driver to us. Again we did not understand each other but we knew that we were safe and that the driver was taking us to the right place. 

So today we moved to another hotel. The Russian architecture is beautiful! 

And to our delight, we received a wonderful welcome gift from the hotel!

We then walked to the Red Square. Along the way we saw a lot of festive sights.

The Red Square was full of activities and of course the main tourist attractions like the Kremlin and St Basil’s Cathedral.

We also received a tip from a local resident to walk past the Red Square and then enjoy the view from a bridge just behind it. It was so cold but really worth it!

We then ventured into the Gum shopping centre. It’s huge and quite busy as it is situated in the Red Square.

On the way back to the hotel we were in awe of all the lights and the cheer. We even saw an ice skating show being performed in a random park! It was truly a wonderful Christmas Eve. We are so blessed to be able to experience all of this!

Merry Christmas!! 


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