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Wanderlust – Russia, Day 4 of 10

Merry Christmas to all!! I hope you had a wonderful day and may God bless you all in abundance**

Today was a very interesting day because the Russians only celebrate Christmas in January. So it was just an ordinary day for most people. We celebrated by having a special lunch at Kafé Pushkin. 

Kafé Pushkin came highly recommended from Tripadvisor and I can now also say that I would recommend it. Expect fine dining and therefore you should also be prepared to pay a bit more than the average restaurant. It has a very nice atmosphere and the service is outstanding!

We were a bit confused and worried about the dress code but I can now confirm that they do not have a dress code during the day except that you won’t be allowed in if you are wearing “sports boots” (which probably means sneakers or other sport shoes). In the evenings you should dress up.

The days are so short in the winter that it felt like we spent the whole day eating. We had a reservation for 13:00 and left in the dark. It felt so weird but the reality is that the sun already starts to set between 15:00 and 16:00. 

My favourite part of the afternoon – and it will always remain a fond memory – happened during the appetizers. My husband ordered a mushroom pie and they brought it in a very nice bread basket with a lid. We encouraged him to eat the basket because we thought that it was made of dough. He started eating it and after about two or three bites he complained to us that he was struggling to eat it. The waiter appeared and very kindly informed him that the basket is just for decoration purposes. You should have seen my husband’s face. It was so funny! I simply could not stop laughing. My husband just endured the laughing and to his credit he did not remind us that we were the ones who told him to eat it.

After lunch we walked around and discovered Patriarch Ponds. The pond was solidly frozen and locals were skiing on it and making hockey fields to play on. It was quite special for me to see. I’ve never experienced anything like that before.

We walked around for the remainder of the day and saw more parks full of festivities and winter wonderland themed decorations. Walking around Moscow happens so naturally since everything looks so beautiful, that you don’t notice how far you walk every day. We do keep our phones with us. So I’ll give an average step count at the end of our vacation. I wonder how many steps we’ll have taken by then..

Merry Christmas!! ✨ 


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