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Wanderlust – Russia: Day 6 of 10

This morning we had to say goodbye to Moscow. We went to the Red Square for one last peek at the beautiful buildings and then returned to our hotel to check out and rush to the Leningradskiy train station. We used Uber again.

There was a lot of snowing yesterday so the roads and sidewalks were a mess. What should have been a short 25 minute ride, took us more than an hour. Unfortunately this caused us to miss our train by a few minutes. 

It was very difficult to try and find out what we could do to get new tickets. The people really don’t understand English. Eventually a very nice lady helped us in her broken English. People in Russia are generally very friendly. Whenever they understand what you need or what your question is, they take time out of their own days to help you. 

After buying new tickets, while waiting for the next train, we discovered a nice coffee shop on the station. Their tea cups were very interesting! 

Insider tip: the souvenier shops at the Leningradskiy station are WAY cheaper than at any other place that we went into.

We then took our train to St Petersburg. It’s called the Sapsan train and it is a high speed train which only takes 4 hours to travel between the 2 cities. It is very neat and luxurious. We were quite impressed.

Another insider tip: it is a lot cheaper to buy the tickets online and ahead of time. Just don’t miss the train 😉

St Petersburg is breathtakingly beatitul! The city surprised us with very big snowflakes. It is not as cold as what people said (when hearing that you are travelling from one to the next). People here are more skilled in English and some restaurants, bars and shops have English signs. It really is quite refreshing not to try to talk with your hands because someone actually understands you.

Here is yet another insider tip: if you have an iPhone 6 it will die instantly when exposed to snow or very cold conditions (possibly other versions as well).

The station in St Petersburg is quite spectacular:

Here are a few pictures of our first look of St Petersburg:


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